ShareholderNumber of Common SharesPercentage of Enlarged Share Capital
Amati Global Investors12,222,2226.90
Livermore Partners9,415,8006.04
Chelverton Asset Management9,125,0005.18
Eldur Ólafsson (1)7,906,3854.46
First Pecos, LLC8,888,8885.02
Clarendon Trust – Sub Fund B6,700,0003.78
Regal Funds Management6,666,6663.76
Libra Advisors6,666,6663.76
Fossar Holdings Ltd (2)6,627,8343.74
JCAM Investments6,102,8333.44
Greenland Venture A/S6,003,9003.39
Crossroads Holdings Sarl5,757,2043.25

(1) His holding is held through Vatnar Sarl (which, at Admission, will own 6,483,080 Common Shares) and Vatnar EHF (which, at Admission, will own 1,423,305 Common Shares).
(2) Fossar Holdings Ltd is a company that is jointly owned by Sigurbjorn Thorkelsson and his wife. It is the holding company for Fossar Ltd (which, at Admission, will own 3,382,732 of such Common Shares) and Fossar ehf (which, at Admission, will own 3,245,102 of such Common Shares, of which 1,411,194 will be held on its behalf by Roytor & Co.).

Note: According to the registered list of shareholders of the Company as at 25 June 2020, CDS & Co. held 30,084,789 existing Common Shares. CDS & Co. is the recognised depository through which uncertified shares are held in Canada. Accordingly, some of the Common Shares in the table above are included with amounts held by CDS & Co.

As at 31 July 2020, the Company’s issued share capital consist of 177,098,737 Common Shares with no par value. The Company has no Treasury Shares.

The percentage of AIM securities that is not in public hands is 9.6%.

This information was last updated on 18 March 2021.