Date last updated 30th June 2017

Health and Safety Policy
AEX Gold Inc.
(the “Corporation”)

Approved by the Safety Committee
Approved by the Board of Directors

Safety is a core company value and safe working is an integral part of how we plan, organise and undertake our business activities and operations, being our first consideration in every action we take.

At AEX we will take all reasonable steps to secure and maintain the health, safety and welfare of all employees, subcontractors, clients and members of the community who may be affected by our activities.  We recognise that everyone has a right to operate in a safe and healthy environment.

As a management team our objective is to maximise the well being of each employee and subcontractor and their potential to contribute to the development of the projects and ensure compliance with the legislation applicable to our operations. It is our policy and overall aim to educate each employee and subcontractor in safe working practices and through this education it is envisaged that they will work together in a safe manner.

We are committed to the goal of Zero Harm and aim to eliminate all accidents and potential hazards and reach our objective of zero injuries. Achieving this requires the full understanding of everyone in the organisation of their safety responsibilities and their commitment to fostering a proactive safety culture, based on a duty of care for oneself, ones co-workers and members of the community.

The responsibility for safety in AEX proceeds from the Board of Directors through to each manager and on to each member of staff or subcontractor.

It is the responsibility of all line management to ensure that all employees or subcontractors are educated and motivated to comply with the safety policies and procedures and that they are made aware of applicable policies and legislation. Line management must be kept fully informed of the impact that activities under its control have on safety policy and take corrective action as appropriate.

Equally all employees and subcontractors have a legal responsibility to co-operate in implementing the safety policies and standards as required by the safety management system. 

Collectively, we all have a responsibility for safety.

AEX is committed to providing:

  • A safe place of work and healthy working environment for all our employees and subcontractors promoting best work practices and safe and healthy lifestyle choices
  • A system to manage health & safety in the workplace where performance is continuously monitored, measured, reviewed and improvements implemented as required
  • Relevant consultation, information, instruction, training and supervision for all employees and subcontractors in order that they can carry out their tasks in a safe manner with no danger to themselves or others who may be affected by their work
  • Training so that employees and subcontractors can recognise and control hazards in the work place, assess risks arising and implement suitable controls
  • An effective Emergency Response Plan
  • Thorough investigation and recording of all incidents with the aim of preventing reoccurrence

A report on the Corporation’s health and safety performance will be submitted to the Health and Safety Committee annually and this policy will be reviewed at that time.

Date last updated 30th June 2017

(the “Corporation”)

Approved by the Compensation and Corporate Governance Committee
Approved by the Board of Directors

This policy constitutes the Corporation’s commitment to social responsibilities, the health and safety of its employees and respect for the environment where it works and outlines its guiding principles in this regard. The Corporation is committed to promoting respect for these responsibilities by continually improving its knowledge, its understanding of challenges and its actions.

Social Responsibilities and Community Involvement

Our business model is designed to ensure that we are close to our communities. As members, we embrace our social responsibilities and contribute to the continuous development of the communities in which we live and work. The Corporation continues to strengthen a culture of sustainable and profitable growth by formalizing a collective commitment to acting responsibly across our operations.

We work together to ensure that our commitment to responsible business practices in terms of quality management, environmental responsibility, community giving and care of our professionals is achieved both within the Corporation and throughout our chain of partners and consultants.

The Environment

Furthermore, the Corporation recognizes that appropriate environmental management is essential to the proper conduct of its mining operations and activities. Accordingly, our goal is to minimize the environmental impacts of our projects and activities. The Corporation makes every effort to protect the environment against risks that may arise from its activities and encourages any action that contributes towards the responsible management of natural resources.

The Corporation is committed to working with stakeholders to promote actions that contribute to increased energy efficiencies, including monitoring and adopting management processes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This policy helps uphold our values and benefits all of the Corporation’s employees, suppliers, shareholders and the communities in which it operates. We recognize and encourage each employee to actively support this policy and take part in the implementation of the following guidelines:

  • Make the environment an integral part of the management and  decision-making process and incorporate environmental criteria into the design of projects, whether they be exploration activities, camp construction or access logistics or use of equipment by the Corporation or its contractors;
  • Implement an effective environmental management system by establishing measurable targets for environmental practices, in particular a) limiting pollution, greenhouse gases and other emissions, b) encouraging the prudent use of water, power and other natural resources, c) limiting waste and disposing of waste in a responsible manner, d) reducing, reusing and recycling resources;
  • Rehabilitate environments affected by our exploration operations, returning them, to the extent possible, to their natural or original state and ensure the long-term safety and stability of the land once our activities have ceased;
  • Provide all employees with the tools, expertise and training needed to apply this policy and to motivate them to take responsibility for and comply with the environmental management system when performing their duties;
  • Comply with applicable environmental regulations;
  • Sensitize employees, contractors and suppliers to comply with our  environmental management system and to respect the spirit of this policy;
  • Implement risk analysis programs as well as emergency measures plans;
  • Develop mechanisms to monitor regulations and consult with stakeholders in order to remain apprised of environmental regulations that may affect operations;
  • Submit an  annual report on the Corporation’s  environmental performance to the Corporate Governance Committee.


On June 15th 2020, AEX announced that it has received confirmation from The Greenlandic COVID Commission that its four-phase plan (below) has been accepted, meaning AEX can begin mobilizing personnel back to its Nalunaq project site in South Greenland.

The safety and wellbeing of the company’s stakeholders, including employees and the local community, remain the top priority and the below four phases plan has been implemented to ensure all groups are protected:

  1. A small crew of 2 expatriates who will have cleared all entry requirements into Greenland amid Covid19 and who have an extensive understanding of the Company’s current assets at Nalunaq will mobilize to site first to prepare the exploration camp for occupancy of early August;
  2. A group of international specialists from Canada and the UK will then mobilize to the Nalunaq exploration camp, conditional on every individual having tested negative to Covid19 with a maximum of 5 days prior to departure. Afther having been 5 days in Greenland, the group of expatriates will then go get tested at a Clinic in a close by community to validate again that they are test negative to Covid19;
  1. Once the expatriate group will all have tested negative to Covid19 in Greenland, local workforce will be integrated to the team on site conditional on a negative Covid19 test; and
  2. Prior to demobilization from site, every employee will be closely monitored for 5 days to ensure that nobody leaves the Nalunaq exploration camp with potential Covid19 symptoms.

AEX has been diligent in devising a Standard Operation Procedure to mitigate the risks related to Covid19. AEX has been assisted by leading professionals from the Occupational Health & Safety, Medical Services and Insurance sectors.